Visual Storyteller

ginnie lange images

  1. Vanishing Americana

    A simpler time when life evolved around farming and country. A way of life that is quickly dwindling.

  2. Sunyani, Ghana 2013

    Not only did I hear stories about Micro-Lending, but was also able to see whole villages transformed through building of wells.

  3. Sunyani, Ghana 2010

    I had an opportunity to return to Sunyani, Ghana, to explore additional stories of hope with Africa Assist Plan's Micro-Loan progr…

  4. Personal Work

  5. Mexico 2008

    I had the opportunity to go to Baha, Mexico, to do volunteer work at an orphanage with Foundation for His Ministry.

  6. Ghana 2009

    Stories about Sunyani, Ghana, and working with Africa Assist Plan's Micro Finance program. The stories of hope for the recipients…

  7. Doris and Isaac

    My friend from Ghana, Doris, asked me to shoot her wedding while in Sunyani for business. These are some of the images that I came…