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About Me

One of my most sincere ambitions is to see my photography used to change lives. It is in the pursuit of realizing that ambition that I have spent the better part of the past two years partnered with International Aid Services (IAS), a non-profit organization dedicated to empowering the world’s powerless through micro-enterprise development and business training. Under IAS’s banner, I have twice visited Ghana, Africa to capture a photographic documentary of the positive effects on lives impacted through the organization’s work in that country. Each of these faces reflects stories of hope, betterment and triumph over difficult circumstances. Because of micro-loans being granted by IAS, the people I had the opportunity to talk with and photograph during my time in Ghana have experienced an increase in quality of life. They are now able to provide better housing and food for their families, purchase mandatory uniforms for their school aged children, allowing them to attend school, and grow their respective businesses. My visits to Ghana are just one manifestation of my desire to see a difference made in the world. My passion for photography has evolved over the years into an attempt to capture the essence of a subject’s soul in the fraction of time it takes for the shutter to snap. Taking pictures for the sake of taking pictures is a practice of the past for me. Today I strive to capture images that will awaken in all of us the gumption to reach outside ourselves and extend a hand. It is my hope that as you view these images, you would ask yourself what role in the global community you might have. As the farthest corners of the world become ever more reachable, her citizens have truly become our kindred neighbors. For more information about the work that IAS does in Ghana and around the world, visit